UDL is the Heartbeat of Heartland Community College

In this episode, Lillian speaks with Zach Petrea, Associate Professor of English and a UDL Fellow at Heartland Community College in Normal, Illinois. This episode catalogues how faculty “led from the middle” to change the teaching at Heartland and was even able to include UDL in the strategic plan for the college. We talk about all of the ways that UDL is infused in the fabric of Heartland from online training courses, advanced certification courses, badges that are integrated in faculty promotion and tenure, and UDL fellows programs for faculty and staff! With about one quarter of the full-time teaching faculty and countless adjunct instructors now trained on the UDL guidelines, we see how Universal Design for Learning is especially helpful in teaching the community college population and truly is the heartbeat of Heartland Community College.


Heartland Community College Strategic Plan: Heartland’s strategic plan includes UDL! This may be helpful to other 4-year universities and community colleges to reference or use as a model.

UDL Faculty Initiatives at Heartland Community College: See how Heartland focuses on UDL and has a Fellows program (both faculty and staff participate) and initiatives woven into their faculty development.

The Center for Universal Design for Education: University of Washington provides many resources for Universal Design for Education with their “Do It” programs for post-secondary education.

CollegeSTAR: Zach mentions the wonderful resources available for post-secondary educators at CollegeSTAR in this episode. Look at the Instructional resources tab for modules and case studies of UDL put to use in the classroom!
CAST: The Center for Applied Specialized Technology explains the UDL guidelines and offer resources for all educators interested in applying the UDL framework.


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