ThinkUDL is a podcast about Universal Design for Learning where we hear from the people who are designing and implementing strategies in post-secondary settings with learner variability in mind.

Join host, Lillian Nave, as she discovers not just WHAT her guests are teaching, learning, guiding and facilitating, but HOW they design and implement it, and WHY it even matters!

Latest Episodes

Marry-ann Winklemes

Transparent Design with Mary-Ann Winkelmes

Dr. Mary-Ann Winklemes is the Executive Director at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Brandeis University and the Principal Investigator and Founder of TILT Higher Ed. TILT stands for Transparency in Learning and Teaching. Over the course of decades now, Mary-Ann has shared her model of transparent assignment design all over the world and has collected data about its effectiveness. I have been a big fan of the TILT method for several years and have taught our faculty about it and have another assignment design workshop coming up next month! I am delighted to get to talk with Mary-Ann about the connections that her TILT Higher Ed method has with the Universal Design for Learning principles, and am especially excited to share this with our Think UDL listeners.

Mark Glynn

Academic Integrity through Assessment Design with Mark Glynn

Today’s conversation centers on how to make assessments more “cheat-proof” and authentic, so as to work on the prevention of academic dishonesty rather than “catching” students cheating after the fact, so to speak. And the UDL principles are what guides this design!

Tracie Addy

Inclusive Instructors Use UDL with Tracie Addy

In today’s conversation, we take a look at barriers to inclusion, what facilitates student learning, and what creates or hinders a sense of belonging. We also talk about course design, inclusive syllabi, how to engage students, and how to create inclusive assessments. Dr. Addy has provided quite a few resources besides her book that can help all of us to become more inclusive instructors.

Irene Theodoropoulou

Teaching Interculturally with Irene Theodoropoulou

Irene Theodoropoulou is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at Qatar University and a Visiting Associate Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University in Qatar. This conversation is filled with ancient wisdom for modern problems and illustrates practical ways to apply UDL principles in culturally diverse classrooms. We talk about language, linguistics, varying format and content (and paying attention to both), happiness and creativity, and how to leverage learner diversity and variability to create rich and rewarding educational experiences for both students and instructors.