UDL for all in Ghana! with Elvis Agah

Lillian talks with Elvis Agah, the President of the School of Design and Technology (SDT), Accra, Ghana, and co-founder of the International Technology and Entrepreneurship Program (ITEP), Miami, FL. Hear how UDL addresses what Elvis calls the “educational national emergency” in Ghana and what steps he has taken to create a different kind of learning in Ghana. Lillian asks Elvis about the well-designed and UDL-powered “Multiple LMS” Learning Management System the SDT developed, UDL Africa and national policy, and a new initiative Elvis has started to get young Africans to work in technological fields. Find out how Elvis is growing that program in America to get American people of color, who may not have access to technology education, find employment at home. Join the global UDL conversation!


School of Design and Technology, (Accra, Ghana) is a hands-on creative technology educational institution helping people with a passion for the arts & technology to develop their talents, creativity, and skills in their area of interest.

International Technology and Entrepreneurship Program (Ghana) ITEP is a unique Technology and Entrepreneurship program designed to train young people from different African countries in the area of Software/Web Engineering, Cyber Security, Multimedia and Technology Entrepreneurship. The program focuses on technical skills that build the foundation for producing quality and globally competitive products and entrepreneurial skills that will equip and empower participants into starting their own initiatives and discoveries in the direction of job creation and development.

UDL Africa UDL informs all of our work in educational research and development, capacity building, and professional learning.

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