Information Literacy and UDL from the BigXII Teaching and Learning Conference

Welcome to a special edition of the ThinkUDL podcast LIVE from the 6th Annual Big 12 Teaching and Learning Conference in the Texas Union Building here on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

This episode is comprised of three short interviews with librarians who have incorporated UDL into their work with faculty at their campuses. Both Porcia Vaughn and Laura Tadena (Ta-DAY-na) are at the University of Texas at Austin and my third conversation is with Melissa Wong, who is at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champlain. All three have important points to share about integrating UDL into courses with the help of your institution’s librarian. They are ready, willing and able to help! Let’s talk about accessibility, UDL integration, and information literacy with our experts today!

Info Literacy – Porcia Vaughn, Laura Tadena

University of Texas at Austin, Inclusion of librarians in the process and help with Universal design in the college classroom and what it looks like

Info literacy – Laura Tadena

Former K-12 educator, see a lot of barriers, observations-what we can do in info literacy sessions, to collaborate with faculty from a librarians perspective, online materials, resources to underserved students, and how to make materials accessible

Info Literacy – Melissa Wong,

Instructor, school of info science, Univer of Illinois, urbana champlain, teach online

UDL success stories, policy example, classic UDL, giving students choices in assignments,

Library science, graduate in library science, 

Lisa Sigafoos

University of Texas, Austin, Department of special education

Establishment of inclusive classroom environment, create a space where students feel safe to be the learner they are, disability or language..make a safe space

Jeannette Herman, University of texas austin

Asst dean in undergraduate studenies

direct bridging disciplines , 16 college bridging 19 credit hour certificate, college bridging programs with experiential programs, interships, creative projects, designed to let students make the most of the opportunities, ownership of education, independant research

Decolonizing the curriculum—Andrew Dell’Antonio

University of Texas at Austin, teach in Butler school of music, associate Dean in fine and applied arts. UDL in music history to open up different kinds of presentation and evaluation, modes of engagement, and how UDL is pathway to decolonizing the kind of work we do, not just access and content wise, but opens up questions about the way we educate, UDL as a place of practice to question the way we do pedagogy and curriculum.