Decolonizing the Music Curriculum with Andrew Dell’Antonio at the Big XII Teaching and Learning Conference

Welcome to another special edition of the ThinkUDL podcast recorded LIVE from the 6th Annual Big 12 Teaching and Learning Conference in the Texas Union Building here on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Today’s guest is Andrew Dell’Antonio, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Fine Arts and Distinguished Teaching Professor of Musicology in the Ethnomusicology Division of the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music at The University of Texas at Austin. This episode includes a discussion of the application of UDL principles in music and arts classes as well as how taking a UDL lens to the curriculum causes us to re-examine the overstuffed curriculum as well as the traditional curriculum in the music field. Andrew gives us some very interesting ways to think about UDL as a pathway to decolonize the kind of work we do, not just accessibility and content-wise, but as a way to question the way we teach in higher education in the United States so that UDL is considered as a place of practice to question the way we do pedagogy and curriculum. Join us for a very heartfelt, art-loving, UDL-infused discussion on today’s episode of Think UDL.


“Decolonizing the Music Survey: A Manifesto for Action”

Here are Andrew Dell’Antonio’s Google Slides from his short presentation at the Big XII conference: “UDL as a Resource for Decolonizing the Syllabus: an Experiment from Music History,”

This group of folks is providing some excellent resources that are especially directed to the K-12 music classroom:
A good summary from a publication by the Association of American Colleges and Universities about the complexity of moving toward inclusion in pedagogy; while it doesn’t specifically address decolonizing, it is also very clearly pointing toward the usefulness of a UDL approach in this kind of inclusiveness work:


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