Assessments, Workforce Interviews, and Training with Bob Dolan!

Episode 11 of the ThinkUDL podcast: Assessments, Workforce Interviews, and Training with Bob Dolan. Today Lillian talks with Bob Dolan, Principal at Diverse Learners Consulting and a long-time CAST collaborator. In this episode, Bob outlines how UDL informs assessments, not just in the classroom, but in hiring new employees, learning a new tool or program on the job, and why understanding the principles of Universal Design for Learning can benefit both employees and employers! They discuss construct irrelevant variance and construct underrepresentation, along with fundamental attribution errors, and how poorly made assessments can mislead us. This conversation helps us to understand how important it is to tailor learning to each individual no matter the setting.


Diverse Learners Consulting: Here is Bob’s website with several helpful articles and information about what he does to match assessments and training with diverse learners in all areas.
CAST: The Center for Applied Specialized Technology explains the UDL guidelines and offer resources for all educators interested in applying the UDL framework.

Dolan, R. P., Burling, K., Harms, M., Strain-Seymour, E,. Way, W. & Rose, D. H. (2013) A Universal Design for Learning-based Framework for Designing Accessible Technology-Enhanced Assessments (Research Report). Iowa City, IA: Pearson.
A framework developed by CAST and Pearson used to develop guidelines for incorporating UDL principles into computer-based assessments.

Almond, P., Winter, P., Cameto, R., Russell, M., Sato, E., Clarke-Midura, J., Torres, C., Haertel, G., Dolan, R., Beddow, P., & Lazarus, S. (2010). Technology-Enabled and Universally Designed Assessment: Considering Access in Measuring the Achievement of Students with Disabilities—A Foundation for Research. The Journal of Technology, Learning and Assessment, 10(5). Retrieved from
Recommendations from a multi-stakeholder research symposium to stimulate research into creating technology-enhanced assessments appropriate for the full range of students through enhanced accessibility. 


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